Laptop Entrepreneurs: Digital Nomad Lifestyle ?

Well hello there web surfer ... and welcome to my website where I'm sharing a little about about my journey through life, and how I've managed to fire my boss in 2009 to start living life on our own terms by becoming part of the "Digital Nomad"-movement.


What is a Digital Nomad ?

This 2 minute video with professionals from all walks of life explains IT best.

So ... do you work or play without regard for your physical location too? Is your laptop the center of your office or your ‘play-space’ ? Regardless of where you are? Then you are part of a growing class of individuals that make up the Digital Nomad movement; a community of individuals who are co-joined by the fact that they are no longer defined by where they are. Your device is connected. Always. Everywhere!

Why are people still working 9 to 5?!

And while the video above was released in 2008(!). It is 2016 and everybody has a smartphone, tablet, and/or a laptop. So according to the definition we all are digital nomads! And yet ... being location independent / a digital nomad has its share of pluses and minuses. For every bit of freedom there is a morsel of responsibility.

And this video is both funny ... and the sad reality for a lot of Digital Nomads.

There's plenty of opportunity and ways to make money online, but how many people do you know who don't live a trailerpark lifestyle, but a lifestyle of abundance? Who are really living life on their own terms? Hence I like to share my journey with you; as video proof beats hearsay and conversation:

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